VIR for Wooooow – Center Your Future!

VIR is proud to be among the sponsors of “Wooooow – Center Your Future!”, an event by the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Cnvv (Confindustria Novara Vercelli Valsesia) that will take place next Friday, November 11 in Novara and Saturday, November 12 in Novara and Borgosesia.
This initiative is dedicated to school and post-diploma orientation in which businesses, schools and institutions of the two provinces collaborate to inform and guide students toward conscious choices about their future and their careers. The 2022 edition will focus on the continuous and increasingly rapid changes in the scenario, both economic and social, the skills our businesses need to deal with, how schools can respond to these needs, and what the “job of the future” will look like and what challenges it will face.
The format of “Wooooow” has been revamped and will see various speakers from companies who will take turns on stage with live talks that will convey useful information on the evolution of professions, the skills required by companies and training proposals in the area.

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