VIR for Scienza Servizievole in Cammino

The March of the “Scienza Servizievole in Cammino” started its long journey from the Great St. Bernard Pass on June 13th and it will continue by travelling along the Via Francigena (an ancient road and pilgrimage route running from the cathedral city of Canterbury in England, through France and Switzerland, to Rome and further) for more than 90 stages, creating moments of reflection, conferences and congresses, where experts from the world of science, education, the arts and culture, and professionals from the scientific community, chaired by Professor Daniela Lucangeli – Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Padova and expert in learning psychology – will be involved.

The proceeds from these evenings will enable the charity Heart4Children APS and Mind4Children, a department of the University of Padova, to activate projects and the strengthening of Assistance Services in the territories, on the topics of vulnerabilities, educational potential and new practices for teachers and parents.

June 21st the March arrived in Vercelli and it will conclude its journey in Matera on September 14th.

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