Presenting the Vaurien MFS Actuator with Fail Safe System

The Vaurien MFS modulating electromechanical linear actuator is one of our most advanced products when it comes to sustainability and consumption optimisation: the PICV valve ensures that the flow rate remains constant, independently from the pressure, and with the addition of the Vaurien Actuator it allows the valve adapt to the real needs of the consumer, whilst the feedback system ensures that the valve is always set in the desired position. The added FAIL SAFE feature ensures that, in case of any power supply interruption, the Vaurien MFS Actuator gives power to the valve in order to allow it to position itself in the desired safety position. This action is obtained thanks to a super capacitor instead of a spring or a battery, which could reduce the valve actuation efficiency.
The configurator can be used to set the valve settings for the type of action, the type of control curve and the control signal and mode of action in case of fail safe intervention.

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